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First, let me introduce myself. My name is Helen (though many know me as Pixie). My passion for massage has began with practice and continued education on Trigger Point Therapy. I realized I wanted to study Trigger Point when I began to feel better, and move better, after a few sessions of Trigger Point work.  So it became my goal to help people live pain free, move better, and get off the pain pills and shots and, in some cases, avoid surgery. I've been able to acheive these goals with so many of my clients. I do want to mention, however, that some conditions are multi causal and, therefor, may require continued medical treatment in addition to Trigger Point work. But I can say, in these cases, most of my clients have achieved significant relieve and have, at least, reduced the amount of medical treatment needed. 


Trigger Point

I should mention that Trigger Point massage is not a typical massage in that it usually isn't very relaxing to receive. It can be uncomfortable, and even a little painful at times. However, I do try to keep this at your tolerance level, so I rely on feedback from my clients throughout the massage session. I also use Deep Tissue and Swedish (typical relaxing) massage techniques along with Trigger Point work  

Trigger Point therapy isn't for everyone. And, depending on your medical history and current medical condition, I may need a Dr to write a prescription giving me permission to do Trigger Point therapy and Deep Tissue work.  I would like to add that I don't do any prenatal or post natal massage. If you are pregnant, it's very important to let the person you're scheduling with know that you're pregnant, and how far along you are. A therapist does need to have training in prenatal massage to work on any woman who is pregnant. 

For a self help guide to Trigger Point Therapy see my page on the benefits of massage.

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