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Due to three major vehicle accidents I have experienced chronic neck and back pain over the past 40 years. I sought many forms of therapy to help alleviate my pain. Massage was one of the therapies I chose (as well as a few others). I had massage with many experienced therapist throughout the years in my quest for pain relief. I met Helen three years ago at a chiropractor’s office where she was working. I can state without a doubt that Helen has been the best, most knowledgeable therapist for me. Helen uses a combination of Trigger Point and Deep Tissue massage techniques to release trigger points and tension in the muscles. She has very strong hands and is willing to increase or lessen the pressure as needed. Every session is uniquely performed to address whatever areas need attention at that time.

 To my dismay, I lost contact with Helen for about two years when she left the Chiropractor’s office in Oakdale. During that time, I fell and am now experiencing chronic lower back pain which I never had in previous years. I recently came upon an old business card Helen gave to me and called the number. I was elated to hear Helen’s voice on the other end. We have reconnected and are now working on my lower back and legs as well as the neck and upper back. After each session I feel more relaxed, rejuvenated and sleep better. I wish I had the financial means and time to have more massage sessions with Helen so I could reap more benefits.

 Barbara Hancock




I started seeing Pixie because of chronic low back pain. I have tried physical therapy, water therapy, strengthening and stretching in the past. Although these treatments have helped, they have only provided temporary relief of the pain and stress to go about my daily activities.   After the first visit, I noticed less stress in my body and was able to sleep more comfortably. She located my trigger points and worked on them and continues to work on them to release. I have seen Pixie weekly for 5 or 6 weeks now and I have less days of continual pain and am able to go some days without any pain relief medications. She truly has the skills I need to resolve all my pain issues. I look forward to returning to her studio every week. I know that with continual care from Pixie, I will get back to myself again.
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