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My name is Helen (Pixie) Delger, I Graduated from Bryman Institute (now Everest Institute) May 2005.  I run a private practice from my home in New Brighton, MN.  My goal is to help people achieve full range of motion (or near that) and to give them a life free of pain and pills to reduce pain (or, to significantly reduce these.)  My primary practice is performing Trigger Point Therapy (which can include Deep Tissue and/or Swedish massage to help with relaxing and stretching the muscles.)  I have a passion for performing Trigger Point Therapy and I have been practicing and studying this modality for nearly 9 years.  I have never regretted my decision to go to school to learn Massage Therapy. 

I have an AA degree in Human Services (which 1 year of that was training in chemical dependency counseling) in addition to my degree in Massage Therapy.  I have continued to learn about Trigger Point Therapy from online sources, and educational books on this same modality, as well as tutorials from youtube and other internet sources. I am big fan of Janet Travell, the pioneer of Trigger Point Therapy and the woman responsible for the techniques we practice today.

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